About EyesClear – our shared story

Technology is evolving at lightning speed, and incumbent financial institutions, which are vital for the health of the overall financial system, face great challenges with respect to security and efficiency. On the other side, agile high-tech start-ups can help incumbents take advantage of cutting edge technologies.

We created EyesClear to support finance executives perform the ever more complicated job of efficiently allocating capital to companies and people who need it most while avoiding traps and risks that the online world of finance inherently brings.

We are based in Level 39, the biggest hub of fintech talent in London, and possibly the world.


Target market

11,000 corporates and financial institutions that are connected through market interfaces to each other.


Offices in:

One Canada Square
London E14 5AB

3225 South Macdill Avenue,
Suite# 129-113
Tampa, Florida, 33629

What we believe

  • Managing risk paves the way to increasing revenues
  • We can create real value only when we listen and understand a client’s business challenges
  • Trust leads to a partnership, a partnership leads to success
  • Value is everywhere; we just need to look closely to uncover it
  • Technology can be an impressive tool in the right hands
  • Going extra mile when we see there is an opportunity for incremental value

Mission Statement

EyesClear provides accessible transparency to finance manager.

If the information is not easily accessible and the risks are manageable, this is priced into the financial products. That kind of pricing leads to inefficiencies, unnecessary costs and eventually barriers to essential financing for legitimate companies and individuals who need it most.

Our Team & Trusted Advisors

While our advisors are made up of various Finance and Technology experts our team has very solid foundations in technology. In line with EyesClear’s strategy, our technology team is experienced in high volume/reliable transactional systems development as well as analytics.

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