EyesClear is a solid, on-premise stream analytics solution for tackling fraud, ops-system glitches and money laundering in real time.

EyesClear makes it easy for Executives and Senior Operations Managers to get big-picture, graphical-dashboarding, automated real-time insights on global payments. Get a handle on your payments risk challenges in just five working days with our risk-free plug & play installation.

  • Real-time abnormality detection
  • Fast and cost-efficient implementation
  • Highly visual dashboards
  • Data interrogation in real-time
  • Utilise payments data at low cost

We make complex simple, invisible visible!

EyesClear insight dashboard

Be the first to know when things go wrong

Real-time, undeniable facts

EyesClear’s strength stems from its novel approach to collecting and processing underlying data.

Whatever the market knows about your financial organisation, EyesClear knows in real-time. That defines the basis for undeniable fact. A single version of reality is made available to the whole organisation based on access profile for managing risk, leveraging growth opportunities, and responding to market & regulatory needs.

EyesClear excels when:

You need a prompt and objective snapshot of what is going on within the organisation

You have legacy systems that have had little or no investment over an extended period

An organisational change limits the effectiveness of current reporting lines

Inorganic growth causes system integrations to take time to complete

Digitisation efforts entail challenges to identify and access data

You have a global footprint but disparate systems

Drastic system changes affect risk monitoring environment

No-Risk Approach

EyesClear is sensitive to sunk investment risk for financial institutions.

We have worked very hard with our partners to make the onboarding process both risk-free and hassle-free.

Implementation Risks:

  • EyesClear is an off-the-shelf product that can be implemented in days.
  • If preferred, a phased launch starting with an e-mail based notifications capability that can be later on followed by the Augmented Intelligence that links to internal payment systems.

Technology Risk:

  • EyesClear is available both as an on-premise and as a cloud solution.
  • Periodic independent penetration testing is done on EyesClear. Even the on-premise solution will be a castle protecting all your sensitive information.
  • If desired, technology operations can be outsourced to our trusted partners who can provide all the guidance needed for the day-to-day running of the system.

Commercial Risk:

  • EyesClear believes in creating value for its clients and building a reliable, fair partnership to help financial institutions reach their goals efficiently and securely. Our flexible approach ensures that value is sensibly created.

EyesClear insight dashboard

User-friendly and interactive reports

Get instant answers from original data

• What was our volume last day?
• What was the max amount transacted between your Oslo and Shanghai branches in the last year?
• Which clients transacted in China?
• What is our typical traffic?

Easy access to insights

Standardized reports and notifications mean no key man dependencies or complicated setups.

Risk control

Smart integration of market interfaces gives you advanced, adaptive risk mitigation.