Our shared story – what we believe

Our values:

✓  Quality – we produce quality and believe in continuous incremental improvements
✓  Respect, honesty and harmony – we respect people, nature, institutions. We believe that partnerships based on trust lead to sustainable success
✓  Commitment – we get things done successfully. By going the extra mile, we show our commitment to put customers first
✓  Innovation and reasoning – we innovate with reason. Technology is an impressive tool in the right hands, and we know where to look to uncover value
✓  Adaptability – if things change, our products change alongside. We can only create real value by listening and understanding customers’ business challenges

Mission Statement

EyesClear provides accessible transparency to finance managers.

If information about manageable risks is not readily accessible, lenders are burdened with uncertainty which reflect on their operating expenses and interest rates they charge. That kind of pricing leads to inefficiencies, unnecessary costs, and barriers to legitimate borrowers who need good financing options the most.

A healthy financial system is of vital importance to society, but technology evolves at lightning speed and financial institutions face great challenges with respect to security and efficiency. While many upcoming companies are attempting to uproot existing banks, other innovative companies such as EyesClear can help incumbents take advantage of cutting edge technologies.

We created EyesClear to support financial institutions efficiently allocate capital and avoiding the traps this responsibility brings. We believe firmly that good risk management paves the way for increased future revenues. We are based in Level39, one of the world’s largest hubs of fintech talent. Besides having our headquarters in London, we also have offices in Istanbul and Tampa.